Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Ice Cream Sandwiches at Bakerbots

There is a lot of choice in Toronto when it comes to forzen treats. There has always been the old standby Baskin Robbins ( I refuse to acknowledge the existence of Dairy Cream) but now the self-serve yogurt craze has taken over with Menchies and Yogurty's locations popping up like mushrooms. For me however, it is always worth saving yourself for the local gelateria or in this case, a hip bakery that also happens to make mind blowing ice-cream sandwiches:

Ice cream sandwich at Bakerbots on Delaware Ave.
London Fog Ice-cream in a Cocoa cookie.
Ice Cream Sandwich at Bakerbots on Delaware Ave.
Maple Bacon ice-cream in an "Everything" cookie.

Bakerbots is my new favourite place to get ice-cream. The price is right at $4 for a half sandwich (pictured above) and the homemade ice-creams are superb. The selection of flavours will keep you coming back to try all of them. There is a stout flavour that keeps eluding me. Well, it must be good if it's selling out. So far my favourite flavour is the London Fog because you can really taste the black tea and it's a very refreshing flavour.

Bakerbots is located at 205 Delaware Ave next to Ossington Station.

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